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Digital Checklists Software for Restaurants

MaintainIQ offers easy-to-use digital checklist software to standardize procedures for restaurants. Build interactive templates for any process.

Set schedules for recurring tasks. Assign and track completion. Leverage data insights to optimize operations. Go paperless and empower teams with on-the-go access via our mobile apps.

Digital Checklist Dashboard - MaintainIQ
Preventive Maintenance

Centralized Checklist Framework

Digital Checklists

Real-Time Visibility into Checklists

Reduce Training Hours

Flexible Checklist Customization

Food Safety Inspections

Mobile Checklist Accessibility

Centralized Framework for Digital Checklists

Standardize procedures across all locations with MaintainIQ’s centralized framework for creating and managing digital checklists. Build interactive templates that align with any process. Assign checklist steps to specific roles with due dates and notifications. Give teams access to checklists through the web and mobile.


Interactive Templates for Procedures.


Assign to Roles with Due Dates.


Web & Mobile Accessibility.


Centralized for Consistency.

Real-Time Visibility into Checklist Completion

Give managers real-time visibility into digital checklist completion status across all locations on MaintainIQ’s interactive dashboards. Drill down into task specifics to see which steps are still pending or completed. Identify bottlenecks in processes instantly to optimize operations. Adjust resources and staffing based on live data.


Interactive Dashboards Track Progress.


Drill Into Task Details.


Identify Bottlenecks Instantly.


Optimize Resources Based on Data.

Flexible Digital Checklist Customization

Easily tailor digital checklists to fit your restaurant’s unique needs. Add custom fields and logic flows to match your workflows. Assign individual steps to specific staff roles and responsibilities. Require media capture, like photos, for proof of compliance. Enable real-time communications between team members.


Custom Fields & Logic Flows.


Role-Based Assignment.


Media Capture for Proof.


Real-Time Communications.

Mobile Access to Digital Checklists

Give field teams access to digital checklists through MaintainIQ’s mobile app. Authorized staff can view assigned procedures, complete steps, capture proof of compliance, and communicate with managers in real time from their mobile devices.


Complete Procedures on Mobile.


Capture Media for Proof.


Real-Time Communications.


Role-Based Visibility.

Key Benefits


Improved Checklist Compliance

Centralized digital checklists better track completion status for improved compliance compared to paper checklists.


Enhanced Checklist Visibility

Real-time dashboards give managers increased visibility into digital checklist status and task details.


Optimized from Checklist Data

Insights from digital checklist data enable optimized operations and resources based on completion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are digital checklists better than paper ones?

Digital checklists improve compliance tracking with better visibility into completion status. They provide managers with more visibility into task details and status across locations. The data can also optimize operations, staffing, and resources.

Can teams access checklists on mobile devices?

Yes, MaintainIQ has native mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow store and field teams to complete digital checklists on the go efficiently.

Do checklists need to be set up individually?

MaintainIQ allows checklists to be saved as templates and standardized across all locations, streamlining the setup process.

How are checklists assigned to staff?

Checklist editors can assign individual steps to specific staff roles and users. The assigned steps will automatically appear for those users to complete.

Can custom fields be added to checklists?

Yes, MaintainIQ enables checklist templates to be fully customized with additional fields tailored to the specific operational data needs of the business.

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