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Restaurant Task Management Software for Operational Excellence

MaintainIQ is an all-in-one restaurant management platform that lets you centralize tasks, ensure food safety, maintain equipment, and monitor operations across locations.

Digital Checklist Dashboard - MaintainIQ
Preventive Maintenance

Centralized Management Across Locations

Digital Checklists

Ensuring Task Accountability

Reduce Training Hours

Streamlining Daily Workflows

Food Safety Inspections

Reducing Maintenance Expenses

Simplify Multi-Location Operations with Centralized Management

Running a restaurant business across multiple locations is complex, but your task management software shouldn’t be. MaintainIQ offers a user-friendly platform for restaurants and convenience stores to centralize operations.


Centralized Task Lists Across All Locations.


Standardized Food Safety Protocols.


Streamlined Equipment Maintenance.


Intuitive Interface for Staff and Managers.

Ensure Accountability for Tasks with Digital Checklists

With MaintainIQ, everyone from your front-line staff to your managers stays on top of their daily responsibilities.

The software ensures tasks are completed on time and properly documented, so you have proof that protocols were followed. Get notified when checklists are missed so you can quickly correct any issues.


Customizable Checklists for All Procedures.


Real-Time Visibility Into Completed Tasks.


Automatic Notifications for Missed Checklists.


Digital Audit Trail for Compliance.

Drive Efficiency with Streamlined Workflows

MaintainIQ eliminates inefficient business management methods, like clipboards and text messages. Tasks, checklists, and reminders are built into the platform so you can ensure consistency across all your locations.

The software reduces the time spent on administration so you can focus on the bigger picture. Plus, with greater visibility into store operations, you can identify and address problem areas.


Eliminate Clipboards and Text Reminders.


Ensure Consistency Across All Locations.


Reduce Time Spent on Administration.


Real-Time Insights to Address Issues.

Reduce Expenses with Preventive Maintenance

Proper maintenance keeps equipment running efficiently for longer. MaintainIQ helps you stay on top of preventive maintenance and quickly resolve equipment issues before they become costly repairs.

With routine upkeep and reduced equipment downtime, you realize significant cost savings. The software pays for itself, typically saving $5,000 annually per location.


Automated Reminders for Preventive Maintenance.


Reduce Costly Equipment Breakdowns.


Minimize Equipment Downtime.


Document All Repairs and Upkeep.

Key Benefits


Task Management

With MaintainIQ, you can create and assign tasks, checklists, and reminders to staff across all your locations from one centralized platform.


Enhanced Visibility

The software gives you real-time visibility into which tasks are being completed, missed, or delayed across all your restaurants.


Improved Accountability

Digital checklists and notifications ensure staff complete tasks on time and follow proper protocols, increasing accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MaintainIQ improve restaurant compliance?

Digital checklists for procedures and robust task tracking improve adherence monitoring and completion rate tracking compared to manual approaches.

What restaurant tasks can you manage in MaintainIQ?

Daily tasks like opening/closing procedures, cleaning, inventory, equipment checks, and more can be managed and assigned in MaintainIQ.

How does MaintainIQ assign tasks to employees?

Tasks and checklists can be assigned to specific roles or individual employees within MaintainIQ.

What visibility does MaintainIQ provide into tasks?

Real-time interactive dashboards provide visibility into task status, completion rates, and specifics across locations.

How can MaintainIQ optimize restaurant operations?

By centralizing task checklists and providing analytics, MaintainIQ enables data-driven optimization of staffing, procedures, and workflows.

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