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Streamline Your Workflow

Achieve operational excellence at the enterprise level, without the enterprise price tag

Digital Checklist Dashboard - MaintainIQ

Multi-Unit Operators & Franchise Groups

Standardize & Automate
Food Safety Procedures


♦ Logging Daily Temperatures

♦ Checking Expiration Dates

♦ Corrective Actions Notes

♦ Daily Food Safety Reports

Food Safety Software for Restaurants

Compatible with
Comark BT250KC
Bluetooth Temperature Probe

Available from most online sellers

Digital Checklist for Restaurants

Ensure Cleaning Procedures
Are Followed On Time


♦ Opening Checklists

♦ Daily Cleaning Tasks

♦ Hourly Cleaning Checklists

♦ Closing Checklists

Never Forget a Preventive Maintenance Task Again


♦ Changing Filters

♦ Periodic Equipment Maintenance

♦ Inspecting & Cleaning Condensers

♦ Checking for Leaks

Preventive Maintenance Software
Work Order Management Software for Restaurants

Seamless Communication On Repairs or Services Needed


♦ Create Work Orders in Seconds

♦ Instantly Report When a Repair is Needed

♦ Track Real-time Status of Repairs & Fixes

♦ Receive Notifications When Something is Completed

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Up To 10 Hours

Per Week!

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