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Streamline Work Order & Repair Management with MaintainIQ

Create corrective or reactive work orders in MaintainIQ to document issues and dispatch repairs. Attach photos, videos, and annotations to guide technicians. Configurable rules automatically assign orders to qualified technicians based on priorities like skillset, location, and workload.

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Preventive Maintenance

End-to-End Work Order Management

Digital Checklists

Enhance Work Order Visibility

Reduce Training Hours

Simplify Work Order Dispatch

Food Safety Inspections

Ensure Work Order Compliance

Streamline End-to-End Work Order Management to Boost Productivity

MaintainIQ offers an intuitive work order management system to streamline maintenance operations for multi-site businesses.

The software centralizes work order tracking, allowing managers to oversee all locations from one platform. It enables users to log, assign, and update work orders digitally for faster issue resolution.

By standardizing work order procedures, MaintainIQ reduces equipment downtime.


Centralized platform to manage work orders across locations.


Create, assign, and update digital work orders.


Standardized procedures for faster maintenance.


Track work order status in real time.

Enhance Work Order Visibility

The MaintainIQ, work order software, provides complete visibility with robust tracking and reporting.

Managers can view open work orders in real time to monitor progress. The system logs all work order history for detailed audit trails.

Customizable dashboards and reminders ensure work order accountability across teams.


Real-time visibility of open work orders.


Complete audit trails of all work order activity.


Custom dashboards & alerts enhance accountability.


Detailed work order reports for data-driven decisions.

Simplify Work Order Dispatch

MaintainIQ allows easy work order assignment and optimal technician dispatching. Managers can assign work orders based on technician skills, availability, and location.

The automated system dispatches orders to balance technician workloads. Technicians can access work orders remotely via mobile devices for more efficient maintenance management.


Assign work orders based on technician skills and availability.


Auto-dispatch optimizes technician schedules.


Mobile access enables real-time work order updates.


Manage in-house and external technicians.

Ensure Work Order Compliance

MaintainIQ enhances compliance and safety by standardizing work order procedures. The system ensures critical maintenance issues are addressed quickly to reduce risks.

Custom checklists within MaintainIQ also enforce adherence to safety protocols.

Detailed work order histories further enable data-driven decisions to prevent recurring issues.


Resolve potentially hazardous maintenance issues faster.


Ensure safety protocol compliance with checklists.


Improved documentation for audits.


Analyze work order data to identify recurring problems.

Key Benefits


Improve Collaboration

The unified work order system enhances collaboration between field technicians and off-site administrative teams.


Increase Data Visibility

Detailed work order histories and reports provide data-driven insights for better asset management decisions.


Simplify Training

Intuitive work order procedures and templates enable easier training for new technicians and staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MaintainIQ improve work order management?

MaintainIQ centralizes work orders and automates the entire workflow – from automated creation to completion. Teams gain real-time visibility into work order status for faster response.

Can MaintainIQ schedule preventative maintenance work orders?

MaintainIQ enables preventative maintenance by scheduling recurring PM work orders automatically based on time or meter readings.

How do technicians access and update work orders?

Technicians can view, update, and close work orders on mobile devices through the MaintainIQ technician app. This improves productivity.

Can you customize work order fields and checklists in MaintainIQ?

MaintainIQ provides customizable work order templates and checklists to match specific maintenance processes and requirements.

How does MaintainIQ improve work order monitoring and analytics?

Real-time dashboards and reporting provide actionable insights into work order backlogs, response times, completion rates, and other KPIs.

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