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Optimize Preventive Maintenance with MaintainIQ

MaintainIQ offers user-friendly preventive maintenance software to structure and simplify your preventive maintenance program.

Set schedules for recurring preventive maintenance tasks. Track preventive maintenance completion and issues in real time. Drive proactive preventive maintenance and cost savings.

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Preventive Maintenance

Checklists for Maintenance

Digital Checklists

Mobile Access for Technicians

Reduce Training Hours

Alerts for Maintenance

Food Safety Inspections

Analytics for Prevention

Preventive Maintenance Checklists

Create customized digital checklists for preventive maintenance procedures tailored to each asset and equipment type. Build from template checklists or start from scratch. Set recurrence schedules and assign checklists to technicians.


Custom Checklists Per Asset.


Build From Templates or Scratch.


Recurring Schedules.


Assign to Technicians.

Mobile Access for Technicians

Let technicians view preventive maintenance checklists, procedures, histories, and schematics right on their mobile devices. Work efficiently on the go with critical information at their fingertips.


Checklists & Procedures Access.


Equipment Histories.


Repair Schematics.


Works On All Devices.

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Configure MaintainIQ to automatically notify technicians and managers about upcoming due tasks and overdue preventive maintenance. Ensure tasks never get overlooked or fall through the cracks.


Upcoming Due Date Alerts.


Overdue Notifications.


Alerts to Technicians.


Alerts to Managers.

Preventive Maintenance Analytics

Gain actionable insights from MaintainIQ analytics to inform strategic decisions about asset maintenance, staffing, and costs.

Identify optimization opportunities around schedules, procedures, workflows, and more.


Asset Maintenance Trends.


Technician Workload Analytics.


Optimization Opportunities.


Cost Savings Projections.

Key Benefits


Proactive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance based on usage and lifecycles to proactively detect issues before failure.


Optimized Operations

Increase productivity and significantly reduce maintenance costs through data-driven optimization.


Enhanced Uptime

Prevent unexpected downtime and maximize asset uptime through preventive maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of implementing preventive maintenance programs?

Preventive maintenance helps proactively detect issues before failure so problems can be addressed before causing disruption. This increases uptime, lowers costs, improves safety, and enables better planning and budgeting.

What steps should maintenance teams take to develop a preventive maintenance plan?

First, thoroughly assess your assets to determine optimal maintenance frequencies, then build comprehensive schedules and checklists based on manufacturer recommendations and your experience. Also, train staff on properly performing preventive maintenance.

What are some of the key tasks involved in preventive maintenance?

Common preventive tasks include inspections, testing equipment functions, measurement and calibration, fluid changes, lubrication, adjustments, parts replacement, cleaning, and more.

How can maintenance managers ensure preventive compliance?

Track the completion of maintenance schedules using digital checklists, reminders, and alerts. Produce reports for compliance tracking and monitor overdue tasks. Also, confirm work quality through spot inspections.

What features should companies look for in maintenance software?

Purpose-built preventive maintenance software like MaintainIQ enables scheduling, digital checklists, asset management, reminders, mobility, and robust reporting to optimize preventive programs.

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