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Food Safety & QA Software For Restaurants

MaintainIQ offers user-friendly food safety and quality assurance software. Centralize procedures, schedule audits, manage docs, track issues, and monitor compliance tasks. Give teams access to resources like temperature logs.

Leverage data insights to target improvements. Reduce risk and boost operational excellence.

Digital Checklist Dashboard - MaintainIQ
Preventive Maintenance

Centralized Food Safety Framework

Digital Checklists

Mobile Capabilities for Teams

Reduce Training Hours

Optimize Operations with Insights

Food Safety Inspections

Proactively Avoid Violations

Centralized Framework for Food Safety Programs

MaintainIQ provides a centralized framework for your food safety program. Build digital checklists for routine food safety tasks aligned to FSMA, FDA, and HACCP.

Schedule recurring quality assurance audits with automated notifications. Give teams access to food code guidelines, temperature logs, cleaning procedures, and other resources. Robust documentation, version control, and issue tracking. With MaintainIQ, you gain visibility into end-to-end food safety.


Digital Checklists for Daily Tasks.


Scheduled Audits Ensure Compliance.


Instant Access to Resources.


Robust Documentation & Tracking.

Equip Teams with Mobile Capabilities

With MaintainIQ’s mobile apps, store, and field teams have food safety resources at their fingertips. Complete digital checklists, take photos, log issues, monitor temperatures, and more on the go.

Store managers can view compliance status across all locations in real time. By providing teams with on-demand access to procedures, documentation forms, and audit scheduling, MaintainIQ enables food safety excellence.


Digital Checklists On-the-Go.


Real-Time Photo Documentation.


Offline Access with Automatic Sync.


Compliance Visibility for Managers.

Leverage Data Insights to Optimize Operations

Harness food safety data to identify issues early and target improvements. MaintainIQ compiles audit findings, temperature readings, and task completion rates into dynamic reports. Dig into performance trends. Benchmark locations. Gauge operational risk areas in real time.

With actionable intelligence, you can make data-driven decisions to continuously raise standards, prevent violations, and achieve food safety goals.


Dynamic Reporting for Trend Analysis.


Risk Assessment with Key Benchmarking.


Prioritize Resources to Mitigate Risks.


Drive Targeted Continuous Improvements.

Insights to Proactively Avoid Violations

Leverage MaintainIQ’s food safety insights to identify issues before they become violations. Dynamic reporting tracks trends proactively to enable risk mitigation.

Benchmark location performance to spread best practices. Prioritize resources based on risk levels. With preventative maintenance powered by data intelligence, you can avoid violations that lead to shutdowns, fines, and loss of customer trust. MaintainIQ empowers you to achieve food safety success.


Identify Issues Early Through Trend Tracking.


Spread Best Practices with Location Benchmarking.


Enable Risk-Based Resource Prioritization.


Power Preventative Maintenance with Data.

Key Benefits


Centralized Framework

Build templated checklists, schedules, and access to resources to standardize food safety across all locations.


Mobile Capabilities

Equip teams with mobile apps to complete tasks, audits, and documentation for streamlined food safety management.


Data-Driven Insights

Leverage food safety data and analytics to identify issues early and continuously optimize operations and risk reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can MaintainIQ help improve compliance?

By centralizing procedures, audits, and documentation, MaintainIQ provides the framework for consistent food safety across locations.

What food safety resources can teams access?

Teams can access digital checklists, temperature logs, cleaning procedures, food code guidelines, and more.

How does MaintainIQ help avoid violations?

Insights and trend analysis allow issues to be identified early so improvements can be made proactively.

What type of reporting does MaintainIQ offer?

MaintainIQ provides dynamic reporting for trends, benchmarking, risk analysis, and prioritizing improvements.

How can I get started with MaintainIQ?

Contact our team today to schedule a demo and discuss deploying MaintainIQ tailored to your food safety needs.

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