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Optimize Recipe Operations with Management Software

Bring consistency to your recipes while optimizing costs with MaintainIQ’s robust recipe management software.

Standardize recipes across locations, organize ingredients and nutrition info, calculate precise food costs, and streamline inventory needs – all from one central system.

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Preventive Maintenance

Centralized Recipe Management

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Precise Cost Analysis Software

Reduce Training Hours

Comprehensive Nutrition Information

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Inventory Management Strategies

Centralize Recipes with Recipe Management Software

Standardize recipes across your restaurant locations with MaintainIQ’s robust recipe management system. Build an online database of your recipes accessible company-wide. Define master recipes with detailed instructions and images for consistency. Allow for adjustments by location while maintaining recipe integrity.

Give your team instant access to approved recipes during prep and service.


Build a master recipe database accessible company-wide.


Standardize recipes while allowing adjustments.


Detailed instructions and images for consistency.


Access approved recipes during operations.

Precisely Calculate Recipe Costs with Software

Get ingredient-level control over recipe costs with MaintainIQ. Import actual supplier pricing for accuracy. Define ingredient amounts and units.

The software automatically calculates costs accounting for waste, yield variance, and portions. Compare profitability across recipes to identify savings. Easily update as ingredient prices change.


Ingredient-level costing with real-time pricing.


Factor in waste, yield variance, and portions.


Identify profitable vs. unprofitable recipes.


Adjust recipes as ingredient prices change.

Centralize Recipe Nutrition & Allergy Data

Consolidate recipes’ nutrition information, allergen data, and diet tags in one place with MaintainIQ. Log key nutrition facts like calories, fat, and carbs per recipe. Automatically flag common allergen ingredients. Label recipes as gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. This critical data is accessible for staff training, customers, and proper prep.


A central database of nutrition, allergens, and diets.


Flag common allergen ingredients automatically.


Tags for gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.


Accessible nutrition data for staff and customers.

Optimize Inventory Management Through Recipes

Get clearer recipe-driven inventory needs with MaintainIQ. The software compiles a consolidated ingredient list across recipes to simplify purchasing. Easily substitute ingredients to reduce waste. MaintainIQ factors inventory data into recipe cost calculations. Identify ways to optimize ingredient usage and minimize waste.


Consolidated ingredients list across recipes.


Substitute ingredients to reduce waste.


Inventory data in cost calculations.


Identify ways to optimize ingredient usage.

Key Benefits



Centralize and standardize recipes across all locations for consistency in preparation and quality.


Cost Optimization

Precisely calculate recipe costs to identify savings opportunities and maximize profitability through data analysis.


Nutrition Management

Consolidate nutrition facts, allergens, and diet tags for simplified access to guide preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my existing recipes into MaintainIQ?

Yes, MaintainIQ offers bulk recipe upload capabilities to easily import your current recipes in batches into the system. This allows you to build your digital recipe book quickly.

How does MaintainIQ calculate recipe costs?

MaintainIQ calculates precise recipe costs by incorporating actual supplier pricing for ingredients used, projected waste and yield variance, and defined portion sizes. Costs update dynamically as you adjust recipes.

Can I create different versions of a recipe by location?

Absolutely – you can define master recipes with slight adjustments in ingredients or preparation methods to accommodate regional differences while maintaining the core recipe integrity.

Can I print recipes from MaintainIQ?

You can easily print recipe cards or books from MaintainIQ to post recipes for staff reference during service or distribute them to franchise locations. Recipes printed with images, instructions, and nutrition.

What are the customization options for recipes in MaintainIQ?

MaintainIQ allows optional ingredients, varied portion sizes, and alternative preparation methods to adapt recipes as needed.

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