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Simplify Vendor & Warranty Management

MaintainIQ offers restaurants and convenience stores a centralized platform to easily track vendor information, manage contracts, and stay on top of warranty renewals across all locations.

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Preventive Maintenance

Vendor Information Centralization

Digital Checklists

Contract and Warranty Management

Reduce Training Hours

Optimized Warranty Tracking

Food Safety Inspections

Supplier Relationship Analysis

Centralized Vendor Information for All Your Locations

Maintaining detailed vendor information for all your locations is a huge headache without centralized management.

With MaintainIQ, you can store and access vendor contracts, contacts, terms, and other important details in one secure portal. Never scramble to track down a document again.


Store Vendor Profiles and Contacts.


Access Key Contract Terms and Pricing.


Maintain Point of Contact Information.


Track Insurance and Compliance Details.

Manage Contracts and Warranties from One Platform

Losing track of renewal and expiration dates is both a liability and a missed opportunity to renegotiate terms. With automatic notifications, MaintainIQ makes it easy to stay on top of all your vendor agreements and warranties across locations.


Contract Renewal and Expiration Tracking.


Customizable Notification Triggers.


Opportunity to Renegotiate Terms.


Avoid Missed Renewals and Lapses.

Optimized Warranty Management Across All Locations

Managing equipment, parts, and systems warranties across all your locations is a major nuisance without software built for the task.

MaintainIQ gives you warranty details at your fingertips so you can stay covered and reduce unnecessary repairs.


Warranty Periods and Coverage Details.


Renewal Notifications and Alerts.


Warranty Claims Filing Assistance.


Prevent Paying for Non-Warranty Repairs.

Analyze Supplier Relationships and Performance

Maintain productive relationships and get the most value out of your vendor agreements. With MaintainIQ’s centralized vendor information, you’ll have the insight to assess supplier performance and make strategic decisions.


Track Vendor Service Levels.


Identify Best Performing Suppliers.


Assess Pricing Competitiveness.


Determine Contract Renewal or Switch.

Key Benefits


Centralized Information

MaintainIQ lets you store all vendor data including contracts, contacts, and details in one centralized platform for easy access.


Automated Reminders

The software automatically sends timely reminders when important contracts and warranties are approaching their expiration dates.


Enhanced Relationships

Centralizing your vendor data gives you valuable insights into supplier relationships that empower you to make well-informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MaintainIQ help manage vendor information?

MaintainIQ allows you to store and access key vendor details like contracts, contacts, terms, pricing, and compliance info in one centralized platform for all locations.

What types of warranties can I track in MaintainIQ?

You can track equipment, parts, systems, and service warranties from all your vendors. MaintainIQ centralizes warranty details like coverage periods, terms, claims procedures, etc.

Can I set contract and warranty expiration reminders?

Yes, you can configure custom notifications in MaintainIQ to receive timely alerts as contracts and warranties near their expiration dates.

How does MaintainIQ help improve supplier relationships?

Centralized vendor data provides visibility into supplier performance so you can determine which vendors best meet your service needs and renegotiate terms advantageously.

Does MaintainIQ store all vendor documents and paperwork?

MaintainIQ allows you to upload and attach vendor contracts, agreements, invoices, and other important documents for easy access.

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