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Simplify Restaurant Workflows with Prep List Software

Streamline your restaurant kitchen operations with prep list software for tasks like temperature checks, cleaning, and maintenance.

MaintainIQ’s digital prep list templates centralize responsibilities to improve efficiency, enforce food safety protocols, and increase staff accountability.

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Preventive Maintenance

Build Custom Restaurant Prep Lists

Digital Checklists

Centralized Prep List Dashboard

Reduce Training Hours

Manage Team with Prep Lists

Food Safety Inspections

Maintain Food Safety Digitally

Build Custom Restaurant Prep Lists for Your Kitchen

Streamline your restaurant kitchen prep with customizable prep list templates. Quickly build digital prep lists for station setup, ingredient prepping, equipment sanitizing, and closing tasks. MaintainIQ’s flexible templates allow you to tailor prep lists to your specific restaurant needs.

Set reminders so your staff stays on track with must-do kitchen prep. Promote consistency across all your restaurant locations.


Custom prep list templates for any restaurant task.


Intuitive editing to build new kitchen prep lists.


Assign prep tasks and set reminders for staff.


Ensure consistent prep across all locations.

Centralized Dashboard for Restaurant Prep List Data

Get full visibility into your restaurant prep operations with MaintainIQ’s centralized dashboard. Track real-time prep list completion status across all locations. Identify prep delays before they impact service.

With critical kitchen data in one platform, you’ll have the insights needed to optimize efficiency. MaintainIQ consolidates communications, accountability, and reporting into a single restaurant prep list solution.


Real-time prep status visibility across locations.


Identify prep issues early to avoid problems.


Data-driven insights to improve efficiency.


Centralized data and reporting.

Manage Your Restaurant Team with Prep List Accountability

Increase kitchen staff accountability with MaintainIQ’s digital prep lists. Assign specific prep tasks to employees and have them verify completion on any device.

Managers gain insight into who completed what prep tasks and when. MaintainIQ compiles automated reports with metrics like on-time task completion rates, enabling you to hold staff accountable.


Assign prep tasks to employees.


Staff verify task completion on mobile.


Managers see who completed what prep tasks.


Metrics reports for task completion rates.

Maintain Food Safety with Digital Prep Lists

Strengthen food safety with MaintainIQ’s digital tools. Build prep lists for daily safety tasks like temp checks, sanitizing, and equipment inspections.

MaintainIQ’s temperature log tracks fridge, freezer, and food temps and alerts you of issues. Simplify regulatory compliance while protecting customers.


Digital prep lists for daily food safety.


Automated temperature monitoring and logging.


Tool for managing equipment inspections.


Simplifies food safety compliance.

Key Benefits


Time Savings

Streamline kitchen operations and task management with MaintainIQ’s centralized restaurant prep list platform.


Enhanced Oversight

Get real-time visibility into task completion status across all locations to identify and address issues early.


Improved Compliance

Ensure food safety protocols are consistently followed with digital prep lists for critical tasks and compliance monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to build a custom prep list template?

MaintainIQ makes it simple to build prep list templates tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Easily customize checklists for any daily task.

Can I create different prep lists for multiple locations?

You can build customized prep list templates for each location while still centralizing data and oversight in one dashboard.

How do employees mark tasks as complete?

Employees can quickly check off completed prep tasks on any mobile device to verify proper completion.

Does MaintainIQ integrate with my other restaurant software?

MaintainIQ offers API integration with many popular restaurant software platforms to maximize the value of your tech stack.

Can MaintainIQ help improve food safety?

MaintainIQ provides digital tools to simplify food safety monitoring, including temperature logging, sanitation checklists, and equipment inspections.

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