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Cut Through the Chaos with the Document Management System

MaintainIQ offers a specialized document management system to streamline operations for restaurants and stores. Centralize important files like food safety plans in a secure, cloud-based platform. Intuitive tools help managers update protocols on the fly across locations.

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Preventive Maintenance

Centralize All Business Documents

Digital Checklists

Automate Approval Workflows Easily

Reduce Training Hours

Ensure Secure Access Controls

Food Safety Inspections

Integrate Existing Business Systems

Centralize Business Documents in One Platform

MaintainIQ offers a centralized document management system to store all your business documents in one secure location digitally. Upload files like contracts, HR paperwork, training manuals, and more.

The cloud-based system allows secure access from anywhere across departments. Quickly locate files by searching keywords, tags, and titles. Simplify organization with customizable folders and access permissions by user role.


One digital repository for any business document.


Cloud-based with access from anywhere.


Search documents by keyword, tags, and title.


Customizable folders and access permissions.

Automate Document Approvals & Workflows

MaintainIQ can automate multi-step document reviews, approvals, and other workflows. Configure approval chains that notify reviewers to sign off on key documents.

Apply automatic version control to finalize files. Automate routing of specific documents to the right individuals or teams. Set reminders for renewals and expirations. Streamline the process from filing to approval.


Configure automated multi-step review chains.


Apply automatic version control for finalization.


Route documents to the right people automatically.


Reminders for renewals and expirations.

Maintain Compliance with Secure Access Controls

Strengthen compliance by managing access to sensitive documents. MaintainIQ allows you to restrict confidential files to authorized eyes only. Confirm identities with two-factor authentication.

Customize granular permissions – set view, edit, copy, download, and sharing rights by user or role. Maintain a detailed audit trail of all document activity. With robust controls, you can securely manage access to privileged information.


Restrict confidential document access to authorized users.


Confirm identities with two-factor authentication.


Granular view, edit, copy, and download permissions.


Detailed audit trail of document activity.

Integrate with Your Existing Business Systems

MaintainIQ integrates with your existing content management systems to bridge information silos. 

MaintainIQ also offers integrations with common business applications such as email, and accounting systems. Connect relevant systems to maximize the value.


Bi-directional sync with cloud storage platforms.


Integrations with email and accounting.


Bridges information silos across systems.


Connect to maximize existing technology value.

Key Benefits


Enhanced Security

Manage access to sensitive documents securely with role-based permissions, 2FA, detailed activity auditing, and encryption.


Improved Compliance

Strengthen compliance by restricting confidential files to authorized users and maintaining a complete audit trail.


Increased Efficiency

Automate document workflows like routing, reviews, approvals and set reminders for renewals to streamline processes

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of documents can I store in MaintainIQ?

MaintainIQ’s flexible document management system allows you to store any file type including Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, images, videos, and more. MaintainIQ works for any business document.

Can I access files on mobile devices?

Yes, MaintainIQ offers mobile apps on iOS and Android, so you can securely access the document repository from anywhere and on any device with your permission.

How are my documents and data secured?

MaintainIQ uses enterprise-grade security, 2FA authentication, and role-based access controls to protect your documents and data. Sensitive files stay private.

Can I get customized workflows?

MaintainIQ can configure the system to match your unique document workflows like automated multi-step reviews, conditional routing rules, custom fields, and more.

How can MaintainIQ help with document organization?

MaintainIQ allows you to implement a logical folder structure with customizable categories, tags, and metadata so you can intuitively organize documents in a way that fits your business needs.

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