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Digital Checklists: 6 Ways They’ll Improve Your Restaurant Now

04.18.22 | Digital Checklists, Restaurant Software Apps

As a restaurateur, you’re aware of all the obstacles standing between you and a successful operation. We won’t bombard you with disheartening statistics of failure or all the challenges caused by Covid-19; you’re living this reality. At MaintainIQ, we want to make restaurant management simpler than you could’ve imagined.

Are you looking to improve your efficiency and accountability? Would you like to keep your staff organized and on track and make your day-to-day operations smoother? One small change in your work procedures can bring dramatic results: staff management software. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a digital checklist in your restaurant operations.

Benefits of Using a Digital Checklist in Your Restaurant

Even in this age of technology, most restaurants still use pen and paper for their checklists. Maybe you’re part of the majority and satisfied with your current system. However, this binder technique is antiquated for a reason. It also adds unnecessary costs to your budget, leads to miscommunication, and can cause animosity between staff members. Whether you’re a Restaurant Owner, Operator, Manager, or Director of Operations, using a digital checklist is a game-changer. A Health Inspection Checklist can help to maintain a good restaurant inspection score. Those who switch over to digital restaurant checklists wish they would have done so earlier. They also see tangible results: The average restaurant manager saves between 2 and 10 hours a week by using digital checklists. In an already complex industry, there is technology available to simplify your job (and your life). Take advantage.

1. Reduce costs and waste

For those still using binders, paper, and pens to keep track of your restaurant operations, you are costing yourself money. With a digital checklist, you can minimize printing and storage costs, clear space, and lessen waste. A paperless system saves you the hassle of printing and distributing a physical list to all your staff. If you have to make changes (which, let’s face it, you will), you can update the list with a click of a button and get on with your day.

A digital checklist reduces your budget and gives you the time to focus on other aspects of your restaurant. It can also improve food safety and overall sustainability.

Reduce costs and waste

2. Save time on training

Reduce costs and waste

Training new staff can be time-consuming, especially nowadays, with the labor shortage. A digital checklist can save you major time while completing structured onboarding. With a user-friendly system in place, you can quickly and easily instruct new staff members on your procedures. Create an intuitive, straightforward training manual, as well as a list of tasks that need to be completed. This way, your team can refer to the checklist and complete their duties without needing constant supervision. You can thereby monitor new employees’ progress and provide extra support when needed. This is essential in the current climate, where restaurants are struggling to find and retain employees.

3. Increase staff efficiency

According to the National Restaurant Association, 7 out of 10 restaurant operators are currently understaffed and experiencing labor challenges. By having all your procedures in one accessible place, your staff will know exactly what needs to be done and when. Not only will new hires get up to speed quickly, but the rest of the team will also improve their performance. Digital restaurant checklists will help them work more efficiently, increase communication, and avoid any time-wasting confusion. Productivity skyrockets when line cooks keep the kitchen running smoothly, dishwashers and janitors ensure a sanitary environment, and servers provide excellent customer service. Now more than ever, each minute counts.

Increase staff efficiency

4. Improved accountability and transparency

Improved accountability and transparency

There are many benefits to using a digital checklist for your restaurant operations. Perhaps the most obvious is that it can help you keep track of your staff. With a digital system, you can see who is doing what and when in real-time. This is especially helpful for restaurant operators who are always on the go or if they manage multiple locations. Manage your staff and ensure that everyone is on the same page—whether you are in the kitchen or selecting a new olive oil 1,000 miles away. Find out whether the ovens have been cleaned, if the garlic has been diced, and if table three has been served. You can also access your checklist from anywhere, at any time, and always stay organized and efficient. Don’t get ready; stay ready.

5. Streamline your management

Operating a restaurant is no small feat. There are many moving parts and pieces that need to come together for everything to run smoothly. From the kitchen to the front of the house, there is a lot to manage on a day-to-day basis. Restaurant operators are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and accountability among their staff. This is where digital checklists come in handy.

With a digital checklist, you can keep track of what needs to be done and when—no matter where you are. Update and change lists easily in real-time. Delegate tasks to different members of your team and bridge intercommunication. Not only does a digital checklist keep you organized, but it also helps you to be a more effective manager.

Reduce costs and waste

6. Decrease liability by ensuring health and safety compliance

Decrease liability by ensuring health and safety compliance

As you’re aware, running a restaurant is a huge liability. This remains the same whether you have a brick-and-mortar, cloud, or shared kitchen. If you’re using a pen-and-paper checklist while managing a restaurant, you’re virtually on call 24/7. You won’t know if the oven was turned off, the hood was cleaned, or the freezer was closed—until it’s too late. A digital checklist keeps everyone on the same page in real time, which is especially important if you’re sharing your space with other companies. It provides value not only to the restaurant owner but to the concept kitchens as well. When your business is always up to code, you ensure health and safety compliance. You can stay ahead of the game by regularly servicing your equipment and avoiding less downtime. A clean, smoothly run kitchen proves less liable (and much more successful) for all parties.

These six factors are just a small part of how digital checklists can improve your restaurant operations. You can also use this tool to take delivery orders, arrange dining room seating, ensure food safety, and process reservations. Implementing this system can help increase accountability and efficiency—not only for your staff but for you as well. In turn, you’ll conduct an overall smoother operation with increased profitability.

If you’re looking to streamline your restaurant management, a digital checklist is a must. As with any product, not all were created equal. Sure, there are other digital checklists you can download off the internet for free, but you get what you pay for. At MaintainIQ, our company is dedicated to creating successful restaurants. Our comprehensive digital checklist was created specifically for restaurants and is so user-friendly that it practically trains staff for you. It covers everything from opening and closing procedures to cleaning and sanitizing. To ensure that all instructions are thorough and straightforward, you can add diagrams, photos, and videos. Plus, it’s offered at the right price point. 

To learn more about MaintainIQ’s staff management software and see how our digital checklists can benefit your restaurant, schedule a short Zoom demo today!

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