Finally, a CMMS solution Designed for Restaurants!

09.28.22 | Digital Checklists

What is CMMS?

CMMS is an industry term that stands for “Computerized Maintenance Management System”.  It was commonly used by maintenance operators & service providers to describe an IT system that stores and manages the maintenance & repairs of any piece of equipment.

With the growth and use mobile devices and apps, CMMS has now evolved to stand for “Cloud-based Maintenance Management Software”, and can be applied to many other industries, including restaurant operations.

Does a Restaurant need a CMMS solution?

Absolutely.  Historically, CMMS solutions were not designed for restaurant operations. 

Traditional CMMS solutions were a bit too complex and, therefore, too expensive.

Restaurants relied heavily on Excel sheets, pen & paper, e-mails & calendar reminders.

Whether they knew it or not, this “system” WAS their CMMS solution.

However, with the exponential growth and use of

1) mobile devices,
2) tablets
3) easy-to-use apps

…there are a plethora of CMMS solutions designed for specific industries traditional ignored, such as hospitality.

For example, MaintainIQ is a modern, easy-to-use CMMS solution designed specifically for restaurant operations.

Benefits of using CMMS for your restaurant

  1. Easily Manage & Track Maintenance & Repairs on every piece of equipment (whether done by a 3rd party vendor, or internally by your staff).
  1. Receive Notifications & Reminders whenever an important maintenance task is due.
  1. Easily Train your Staff on how to clean something, such as an Ice Machine or Soda Fountain dispenser.
  1. Create Digital Checklists on “How to” maintain or clean a specific piece of equipment, including supporting photos & videos.
  1. Automatically Generate R&M (Repair & Maintenance) histories on every piece of equipment.
  1. Manage Warranties & Ongoing Repairs
  1. Store & Access Vendor Contact information.

Real ROI of using a CMMS for your Restaurant

A single restaurant can see the following benefits:

  • Save up to 10 hours per week of manager time with a good CMMS solution. 
  • Reduce R&M annual expense by as much as 18%.
  • Reduce Energy Bills by as much as 20%.
  • Extend the Useful Life-of-Equipment by as much as 25%

Why not outsource your CMMS needs?

  1. No one will care more about your equipment than you do.
  1. You cannot effectively manage preventive maintenance from an off-shore office. Daily inspection & upkeep by your staff is the best preventive maintenance for any equipment.
  1. Limited options for selecting 3rd party repair services, leading to higher costs.
  1. Less control of your information, such as warranties.
  1. Increased liability if your outsourced provider makes a mistake. In the end, YOU will be responsible (not the outsourced CMMS provider).

CMMS Designed for Restaurant Operations

With MaintainIQ, easily track & manage PM on all equipment, including 3rd party vendors, warranties, and maintenance schedules.

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