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Finally, a CMMS solution Designed for Restaurants!

09.28.22 | Digital Checklists

If you own or operate a restaurant, you know that keeping your equipment well-maintained is crucial to optimizing your operations and keeping your kitchen open. Having a system in place to help streamline and track the maintenance of all your restaurant equipment will undoubtedly save you time and money when operating your restaurant.

What is CMMS?

CMMS stands for “Computerized Maintenance Management System.”  It was commonly used by maintenance operators & service providers to describe a computer system that stores and manages the maintenance & repairs of any piece of equipment.

However, with the growth and use of mobile devices and apps, CMMS has now evolved to stand forCloud-based Maintenance Management Software and can be applied to many other industries, including restaurant operations.

Does a Restaurant need a CMMS solution?

Does a Restaurant need a CMMS solution

Absolutely.  Historically, CMMS solutions were not designed for restaurant operations.  Traditional CMMS solutions were a bit too complex and, therefore, too expensive.

Restaurants, even to this day, rely heavily on Excel sheets, pen & paper, e-mails & calendar reminders to manage preventive maintenance and ongoing repairs. This “system” was their CMMS solution.

However, with the exponential growth and use of 1) mobile devices, 2) tablets & 3) easy-to-use apps, there are a plethora of CMMS solutions designed for specific industries that were traditionally ignored, such as hospitality and restaurant management.

For example, MaintainIQ is a modern, easy-to-use CMMS solution designed for restaurants.

Benefits of using CMMS for your Restaurant

CMMS provides many benefits to restaurant operations, including Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Work Order Management, Tracking Warranties, Storing Vendor Information, and Enhancing Accountability.

1. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling:

There is no question that Preventive Maintenance helps prevent breakdowns from occurring and maximizes the uptime of your equipment. 

According to Hughes Environmental Engineering, operators can increase the life of equipment by as much as 25% when preventive maintenance is followed according to plan.  

A good CMMS solution will allow users access to scheduling software that allows them to schedule PM intervals based on different maintenance schedules (e.g., reminders to change filters every 3 weeks or scheduling fire suppression inspections every 6 months).

2. Work Order Management:

A work order is an electronic request for a task to be performed or a repair that is needed (e.g., Broken Sink, Leaky Faucet, HVAC not working, etc.) 

A good CMMS solution should include an easy-to-use Work Order Management System, so users can easily report when a repair is needed, take photos, type notes, and even assign the work order to a staff member, an outside vendor, or a contractor.

Work orders provide a clear, real-time picture of needed repairs and their status.

3. Warranty Management:

Every piece of equipment, especially when purchased new, typically has a warranty from the manufacturer against defects. 

In addition, Service Warranties are typically given by service technicians that repair such equipment. Tracking these warranties can be cumbersome without the help of a modern CMMS solution. 

A good CMMS solution should allow the user to track warranty information, such as expiration dates, and keep detailed notes and records of when the repair was made and by whom.

4. Storing Vendor Information:

The list of vendors evolves over time, and it becomes difficult to keep track of them without a CMMS. 

Most operators typically have an Excel sheet or a printed contact list somewhere in the back office, which usually gets outdated and is not handy when needed. 

A good CMMS solution should allow users to easily store the vendor contact information in addition to the services they provide, so they can access such information anywhere when needed.

5. Tracking Costs & Repairs by Equipment:

It can be difficult to keep track of all the repairs performed on a single piece of equipment, especially when internal staff changes from time to time. 

A good CMMS solution would automatically track the number of repairs and associated costs of every piece of equipment in your restaurant. 

This would help owners & operators determine whether it is a good time to replace the equipment vs. repair it. 

In addition, it would help operators know which manufacturers to stay away from if their equipment needs multiple repairs in a single year.

6. Increased Accountability:

CMMS solutions provide enhanced accountability when it comes to maintaining and repairing equipment, both with internal staff and third-party service vendors. 

With detailed records just a click away, operators will know the who, when, where, and what immediately.  This is another area where CMMS solutions shine, saving operators more time.

ROI of CMMS Solutions for Restaurants

ROI of CMMS Solutions for Restaurants

Using CMMS software can not only streamline your maintenance workflow but also produce tangible benefits for restaurant operators.  A single restaurant can see the following benefits:

  • Reduce Labor Hours by 40 Hours per Month.
  • Reduce R&M Annual Expense by 18%. (Source:
  • Reduce Energy Bills by 20%. (Source: American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers; IEEE).
  • Extend the Useful Life-of-Equipment by 25% (Source: Hughes Environmental Engineering).
  • Improve reliability by as much as 50% (Source: Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering).


CMMS software is a great way to improve the maintenance workflow in your restaurant.

Operators will be able to streamline their workflow, especially when it comes to scheduling preventive maintenance, tracking work orders and repairs, managing warranties, and storing vendor contact information while at the same time paying for itself within a few months’ time. 

With relevant information just a click away, restaurant operators can make smarter decisions about how best to run their business while saving money and reducing downtime.

MaintainIQ: CMMS Designed for Restaurants

With MaintainIQ, easily track & manage PM on all equipment, including 3rd party vendors, warranties, and maintenance schedules.

Will Jocson

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