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Save up to $650 Annually with Simple Cleaning of Your Condenser Coils


1. Clean the Condenser Coils at least Every 2 Months.

2. Turn OFF or Unplug the Refrigeration/Freezer Unit.

3. Remove the Cover or Gate (usually at the bottom of the unit; do not force; covers usually snap off with a gentle pull from both sides; check for screws).

4. Clean & Remove All Debris & Grease.

5. Brush Coils to remove & loosen debris.

6. Use a Hand-held Vacuum (or Compressed Air) to remove all debris inside the coils & fins.

7. Re-attach the Cover or Gate (usually snaps back in place).

8. Turn ON the Refrigeration/Freezer Unit.

Did you know that 80% of restaurant operators don’t do this regularly?

With MaintainIQ, create a Digital Checklist and/or Preventive Maintenance tasks to stay on top of basic, simple maintenance on all your equipment.

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