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Ice Machine Preventive Maintenance for Restaurant Operators


Daily – Inspect around, behind & underneath the unit for leaks & debris.

Weekly – Clean & sanitize all components, including dispenser, ice bin, and ice bin door. When done, run at least two cycles to ensure functionality and to rid of any remaining chemicals left while sanitizing. Dispose of the first batch.

Monthly – Remove & rinse the ice machine air filters. Rinse them gently with warm water. (Do not use a dishwasher).

Bi-annually – Clean the evaporator coils to optimize energy efficiency, and reduce your energy bill. Use compressed air or a hand-held vacuum to remove debris between the coils & fins.

Annually – Have your ice machine cleaned & inspected by a professional. Having trouble keeping up with Preventive Maintenance for your restaurant? Check out MaintainIQ to easily stay up-to-date and consistent with your daily operating needs.

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