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What is Digital Food Safety? 8 Important Reasons to Opt for it.

06.13.22 | Food Safety

To maintain the brand’s excellence and distinct quality of the dishes, the Food Safety system from “Farm to Fork” plays an inevitably important role. After all, the health of the food decides the health of the customers and the wealth of the restaurant owner. The Digital Food Safety system is not only revolutionary in the culinary services but also the most needful measure to be adapted to remain the best in the competition and ensure the brand’s good reputation. 

Ever since the introduction of the Digital Food Safety system, restaurant owners all over the world have experienced that the growth rate of their business is much higher than before. We must secure the safety of the food in the first place as it is the fundamental unit of the restaurant business. Any little flaw in food safety supervision can spoil the reputation overnight, and we can be the next day news on a local news media, and nobody would take the chance. Why is manual food safety unable to ensure that? Well, it’s straightforward to find the answers.

What is Digital Food Safety?

It’s an integrated software system that operates on different sensory devices executed to supervise the whole Food Safety process from the field or shop to the kitchen store. The entire process works on basic food safety management principles. And all is monitored via an application installed on smartphones, tabs, and laptops.  One needs not be bothered about visiting the kitchen store at regular intervals. Its AI system continuously monitors and sends feedback to the owner, who must not be present at the restaurant. Any discrepancy is communicated to the owner with the right corrective alternatives. 

Why should we opt for Digital Food Safety? 

To grow the business in more prolific ways, we must not leave any stone of efficiency untouched. We must secure everything well enough before it is served to the customers, and in this context, the efficiency and credibility are beyond expectations. There are transparent results of the Digital Food Safety system. 

1. The absolute assurance of Digital Food Safety

Now imagine if a fully automated system maintains the whole process with 100% accuracy with real-time feedback and corrective measurement to control the damage before it’s done? 

Undoubtedly everyone will want to experience the difference. Here lies the importance of the Digital Food Safety system. It can work flawlessly 24×7 without tiring and failing to provide exact information with food safety compliance. A digital health inspection checklist is useful to score a good grade on Restaurant Health Inspection.

2. 100% operational efficiency

Digital Food Safety always works with 100% operational efficiency. We are alarmed beforehand before it’s too late.  As a result, we can ensure food safety to the purported level. This leads to reducing the wastage of materials.

3. Fill the pocket with more profit

Reduction of wastage surely is proportionate to cost-saving. It also saves money on unnecessary investments. In the manual food safety process, we are to depend on employees who manually record and report to the owner. The Digital Food safety system digitally records and reports information to the owner wherever and whenever required. So we don’t feel the necessity of designated employees for the purpose. 

4. Zero chance of Health Hazards with corrective actions

It helps to avoid any health hazards due to food contamination. After recording the data of the digital food checklist, this system automatically starts working on the basis of the food safety guidelines. Dedicated temperature logs continuously store data on food items. Working on preventive maintenance protocol, it is ever alert of little ups and downs on food temperature and pokes with notification about the issue. From the digital food checklist database, it collects the data on food manufacturing dates and their expiration and alerts the owner beforehand about the items that come close to expiration. As interlinked with Digital Food Checklist, it records the data of the quantity as well. 

5. Protects the integrity of the taste

Ensuring the authentic taste of the food is non-negotiable. In this case, Digital Food Safety works uncompromisingly. There are hybrid Penn-connected devices used to measure the exact temperature that an item needs to reach to the point of delicate taste. Digital Food Safety makes use of food’s full potential.

6. Flexibility and simplicity of Digital Food Safety System

The whole system is easy to learn and operate. After the installation, the system can be operated by the touch of a fingertip. The manual, as well as audio-visual guides, lay bare all the details which can be comprehended easily. Moreover, the system provides experts during installation and 24×7 online solutions. 

7. Going Digital is always time-saving

Saving time is making more money. When we shift from a manual to a digital food safety system, time can be automatically saved. We can certainly invest the time and skill in another aspect of the restaurant’s growth. This is obviously the best outcome of a smarter food safety solution among many. 

8. Zero  stress

A 100% efficient system supervises the most important unit of the business to ensure the full safety of the food items. So, quite naturally, our minds and brain are not preoccupied with that particular burden. We can feel peace and satisfaction on this issue and can engage ourselves in another productive aspect of the business. 

Digital Food Safety System

Drawbacks of Manual Food Safety System

It swallows time like a giant and fails to give us 100% satisfaction. Manually maintaining the data of everything is a mammoth task that needs 100% dedication and efficiency on the part of the employee employed for regular checking. There are probable chances to miss the mark, and we know that a 1% trace of unnoticed wrong can spoil the reputation. Ah! we all know “To err is human .”

Seasoning the pork belly at the right temperature can make a customer fall in love with the chef after tasting his favorite Procheta. On the other hand, a single obliviousness can steal the taste of Pierogi.

It is needless to say that each and every food items in the regular inventory of food industries need exceptional care. The ever-growing demand and the workloads presently to meet the supply chain make it more difficult to maintain everything manually. It seems to be impossible to maintain everything with the same efficiency. 

The Final Analysis

The first and foremost purpose of the food business is to get the appraisal from the customers, who are the primary assets of a business, and it can easily be achieved when our concerns are addressed successfully by our efforts. The excellent workability of Digital Food Safety can easily help the owner to achieve that end. The palpable fruitfulness of Digital Food Safety sweeps away any doubt about getting the job done with utmost care and credibility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital food all about?

The dish reaches the plate through an auto-intelligence technology specifically executed to ensure the complete safety of the item from its delivery to its consumption. 

What are new technologies that help keep food safe?

In the world of Digital Food Safety, food safety is secured by fully automated software-based programs that operate through designated software or application working on basic food safety guidelines.

What is  Food Safety?

Food Safety is a scientific method, the aim of which is to meet specific parameters outlined to avoid health risks and to maintain a hygienic atmosphere to secure the health of the public from any food-borne contamination.

What is the purpose of food safety?

The purpose of food safety is to set microbial FSOs( Food Safety Objectives) and specify the elements and parameters of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, which establishes control of the food-processing operation. 

What is a Digital Food Safety App?

Digital Food Safety is a well-equipped application that is inclusive of various operations like standardizing Food Safety Procedures, automatic Food Safety Reports, creating Digital Checklists, managing preventive maintenance, performing quality assurance audits, sharing documents & safety guidelines, etc.

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